LED Power Solutions

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■■ Products found to be defective within 30 days from the date of receipt can be returned for credit or exchange.

After the initial 30 days, Mean Well will repair the goods according to our warranty period. Contact Mean Well

for further information on credit or an RMA number. Goods should be shipped as ”freight prepaid” to Mean Well

and Mean Well will repair and return the defective units (freight prepaid) within 7 working days. If the warranty

the period has expired, a repair fee (depends on the condition of the product) will be charged.


■■ If customers do the repair by themselves, Mean Well can provide a reasonable quantity of free components for

repair purpose.


■■ Apart from the external type power supply, the power supply is in general one component of the final system;

particularly, the compatibility between the power supply and the system is closely associated. Should you have

any difficulty in normally operating the power supplies, please contact our sales representatives and figure out

the root cause. If the problem results from the power supply, the warranty right will be applied; if any issues

arise from inappropriate installation or incompatibility between the power supply and the system, MEAN WELL

will reserve the right to fulfil the warranty.